Digital technology changes our society and life, bringing major opportunities and challenges. The world is affected by the impact of Covid-19. The life of epidemic prevention drives digital development. Digital transformation is regarded as the key successful factor for the future competitiveness of enterprises. The Digital International Marketing and Big Data Analysis and Service Alliance help membership companies implementing digital transformation and expand their product and market. The purpose of alliance provides the innovative service and guidance for the international marketing management and brand assurance for the chain store and franchise industry. The plan tries to transfer university knowledge to commercial area.


Our service

The industry and university alliance works include database for creative application, database management, data analysis, sales data management and analysis, data analysis results and presentation, information security, database improvement and data science training. The alliance provides professional service for membership companies for integrating digital marketing and creative service value chain. The plan can enhance company performance by cooperating Google, Amazon and New Egg. The alliance program can offer membership companies training and communication platform. Hopefully, the company participant in the program can enhance the better performance and competitive advantage.



In the future the Digital International Marketing and Big Data Analysis and Service Alliance will attract more membership company to join the alliance program. The main objective is to build the value chain for the membership companies. In the future more and more enterprises implement recommended international marketing and brand plan to maintain and improve competitive advantage. In summary, the industry and university alliance examines the consumer behavior and demand, provides membership enterprises innovative service, increases the service value of enterprises, diffuses the innovative application of international marketing and creates business opportunities.